Column Moving

Column Moving


  • Used for corner machine,internal/external taper machining,ID / OD grooving and facing on valve body, pump housing,fitting and turbine housing.
  • Column-moving design, work table installs on the base of X axis, higher rigidity and larger work table loading capacity.
  • With linear scale on X, Y, Z axes, forming a closed feedback system.
  • 6-axis (X, Y, Z, W, B, U) control and simultaneous 4-axis control.
  • Universal CNC indexing table(B-axis function).
  • X/Y/Z travel:2000(3000/4000)/2050/1500 mm.
  • Spindle stroke (W-axis traverse, from facing plate face):130mm.
  • Work table size:1440 x 1600 mm.
  • Max, work table load: 8000 kg.
  • U-axis speed range 250 rpm.
  • Max, face machining dia 1050 mm.

Download PDF for more details.

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